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Started in 1992, all the students from Broadmoor School come to Lake Catholic for a Christmas party, hosted by our senior class and aided by underclassmen. 

The school's gym is completely transformed and decorated. There are games, live music, cookie decorations and other arts and crafts, face painting, and, of course, the man of the season – Santa Claus.

The 2022 Christmas party was the first since 2019 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Started in 2021, the Cougar Games are a day filled with friendly competition between classes each spring. 

Games played throughout the day have included: basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball, Mario Kart, obstacle courses, and dodgeball.

The first competition was won by the Class of 2023. Other winners include:

  • 2021: Class of 2023
  • 2022: Class of 2022
  • 2023: Class of 2023

Incoming freshmen are welcomed to Lake Catholic at the Frosh Fire. 

Typically held the Saturday before the school year begins, the Frosh Fire is put on by Spiritual Life and the incoming senior class. 

At the event, there is music, games and of course a bonfire.

This solemn tradition takes place at the end of every school year. 

The senior class student government and the school's executive board “passes the torch” to the newly elected officers from the current junior class who will lead the student body the next school year.

At the ceremony:

  • Freshmen become Sophomores, Leaders in Unity
  • Sophomores become Juniors, Leaders of Community
  • Juniors become Seniors, Leaders of Lake Catholic, and 
  • Seniors become Alumni, New Leaders of Society

The annual flag football game pits the girls from the senior class against the girls from the junior class. The game is typically played in the spring.

The two teams are coached by the football players from their respective classes.

The giant rock outside our front door was brought to our campus in 2017. It has quickly become a tradition for classes, clubs and/or teams to paint the rock at night only have the new design revealed the next morning. 

Each Halloween, the senior class dresses up in costumes and parades through the halls of school as the underclassmen line up to watch the parade.

Each spring, the members of that year's sophomore class have their class rings blessed after an all-school mass. Before the final blessing, the priest calls those who are to have their rings blessed up to the altar. A prayer is said over those class members and the rings are blessed with Holy Water. 

After the mass a small reception is held for those who had their rings blessed and their immediate family members.

What had started off as a Thanksgiving feast for friends to enjoy each other as an entire senior class, has turned into much more at Lake Catholic. 

Turkey Day, one of the school’s longest standing tradition started back in 1974, demonstrates one of Lake Catholic’s core values – it’s willingness to serve.

The day starts with an all-school prayer service, asking for prayers not only for the senior class, but also for those who it was going to help. The seniors choose between different service projects and head out in the community. 

After the community service, the students come back to school for a catered Thanksgiving feast, which was what Turkey Day started as back in the ‘70s.

In 2023, the day ended with a Mass with Fr. Andy and personal time for reflection and prayer.



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